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The reasons I may wish to have a Soleta house:





Soleta, the premium wood house intertwines the concept of comfort and cosiness with the functionality of a modern, ecological, elegant home. The picturesque atmosphere it is veiled in matches its unique, magical design. The recipe of happiness comes with the touch of the sun tickling the wide windows and merging with the call of the wild from outside, whether it’s the cricketing of the forest, the lazy waves of the ocean or just the buzz of the rush-hour.  


The concept Soleta zeroEnergy was created by the Foundation for Inventions and Sustainable Technologies – Justin Capra. It was designed to meet every need of a person, becoming not only his house, but his home.


In order to introduce you to this revolutionary concept, we built Soleta zeroEnergy, a prototype to be visited between 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. in Bucharest,  at nr. 42 – 44, strada Bucuresti – Ploiesti, sector 1 (current 1th Alexandru Nasta street), next to the US embassy.

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I can choose to forget about electricity and gas bills! How come? In case of Soleta zeroEnergy version, houses have the full eco kit (solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectricity) included in order to produce energy from non-conventional sources. We also have a computerized energy management solution implemented to optimize the house consumption and to reduce the negative impact on nature.

How to produce the thermal energy necessary for house heating?  We found the answer in a smart system which combines solar energy with geothermal energy. Of course wood as well can be a solution!

Forget about energy bills!

House without basement is perfect stable!

For any Soleta houses you choose to go, the expenses are dramatically decreased and this only because we offer you an absolutely innovative system: The house sits on treated wood stump and together with the clamping system in the ground, the entire settlement offers these houses an extraordinary flexibility in case of earthquakes. Soleta houses are 8 times lighter than an equivalent construction made of brick!

Premium materials and futuristic design!

We use only premium quality construction materials, 97% recyclable, which makes the concept of Soleta home as one of the best concepts in global market in terms of sustainability. Soleta houses offer futuristic architecture, very elegant and in case you find that at one point you may need an additional space (rooms or storage), our designers can add additional modules without affecting the original structure, bringing more comfort and functionality to your home.

Move HOME in just 2 months!

Home will be ready for living in just two months after the contract being signed! For a month and half the house is prepared, packed and delivered. A professional team will assist during transportation procedure to make sure your HOME arrives in good conditions. Installation will take two weeks! Finally you are at HOME!